Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Scabies Fast

When you first discover that you are suffering from scabies, you should not go for the drugs first. There are home remedies that will ensure the mites leave your place and then you can treat yourself. This disease cannot be tolerated at all because it makes you to scratch almost every part of your body and almost at all times. What makes it more boring is that the itching does not come to an end, and the more you scratch, the more you feel like continuing, but it comes more pain.

When you want to do away with these mites, you should ensure that you decide on the treatment to use. If the doctor prescribes some creams for you and drugs ensure that you go for them but make sure that you research on them for you to know what you are using on your skin. Some creams can give you the worst side effects and so you are encouraged to use home remedies to do away with the mites. Highlighted below are home remedies to get rid of scabies fast.56yujthrgef

Start with prevention of all family members

When you are using home remedies, you should ensure to start by preventing the rest of the family from getting it. How will you do this? You should start by washing all bedding and all clothes because you must have come to contact with the patient because he or she is a family member. Treat all family members when you are treating the patient because some could be silent carriers and therefore might not scratch themselves. Clean all the carpets in your house and even the mattresses. Wash all toys that are used by young children if you are having one. Scabies is very difficult to deal with, and so you should treat all members after a week to get rid of the mites that might have hatched.

Target the whole house

When you want to get rid of all the mites in your house, you should ensure that you target the whole house. Do not treat the scabies patient only. Treat all your members because they must have been in contact with the patient and so there are high chances of getting infected. Remember that in some families they sleep more than one and at times in some families they share clothing and so there is a risk of infection. You need to treat everyone because the mites do spread at a faster rate even without the patient’s knowledge.

Use herbs and lotions

ertyhbfdfsThis is the most efficient way to treat this disease using home remedies. Some of the home remedies for scabies you can use are explained below. For example, you can squeeze fresh apricot juice over the scabies lesions. You can use neem tree leaves added with turmeric powder plus mustard oil on the infected spot for about an hour. The neem tree is used to heal many diseases and can be termed the best as far as skin diseases are concerned. You can also rub some apple cider vinegar on your infected skin.