Different Types Of Thermometers


One of the most important equipment that a parent with a baby should have is a baby thermometer. In fact, some parents buy more than one baby thermometers. With the development of technology, the high-end baby thermometers have the ability to take different baby temperature readings which are very helpful to the concerned parents since thermometers enable them to monitor the well being of their infants. Having the best baby thermometer is thus essential to every parent.


Moreover, it is worth noting that we have a variety of baby thermometers in the market, but each can take the baby temperature in very different ways. In this article, we are going to highlight briefly on the various baby thermometers that are in the market currently so that one makes a choice on which one best fits their needs.


Ear Thermometer

They resemble the thermometers that pediatricians use, they are recommended for use by parents who have children that are six months older. The thermometer probe is covered with a small plastic sleeve that one can throw away while replacing it with another one for sanitation purposes. The thermometer can be easily inserted into the ear, even when the baby is asleep. It is very quick as it takes a digital read of the baby’s temperature in less than three seconds.

Oral Thermometer

XZCZXCXZCThey usually assume a pacifiers shape, as this makes it possible for the baby to hold them in their mouth easily. This type of thermometer is specifically meant to take the internal body temperature of the baby. In order for it to take an accurate reading, you should make sure that the baby holds it below their tongue for at least two minutes. However, even though this thermometer has been widely used, it does not give the most accurate reading. This type of thermometer is recommended for older kids as they are able to hold it below the tongue longer so that one achieves an accurate read.

Rectal Thermometers

Taking the temperature of the baby using this thermometer is more uncomfortable to the parent than it is to the baby. Always ensure that you lubricate the probe for easy insertion. For you to get an accurate reading insert only a quarter of the probe.

Forehead Thermometer

This is usually used in instances where a parent wants to have an accurate measurement of the child’s temperature. It is made in a way that it can measure heat omissions. Another advantage of forehead thermometer is that it only takes a few seconds to measure the body temperature of the kid accurately. This type of thermometer can be used to gauge the temperature of a child of any age.

Underarm Thermometer

To ensure that you have an accurate capture of the kid’s temperature, the probe of the thermometer should sit in the baby’s armpit. If you are using the analog, you will have to wait for at least five minutes to have the read, while if you are using the digital one, you will have the reading in a few seconds. It applies to babies of all ages.…